Heating Fuel

The OFA Heating Fuels Committee represents the oil heat segment of the OFA. Approximately half of the OFA marketer members statewide sell heating oil.

Since the advent of the National Oil Heat Research Alliance (NORA), the most important objective of this committee is educating the public that oil heat is safe, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Buying a Home Heated With Oil? Get the Facts!


The website, www.OregonOilheat.com is a resource for oil heat customers, potential customers and real estate agents. This comprehensive website is a wealth of information for anyone wanting the facts on oil heat. It also features a help desk phone line, trusted soil testers and oil heat friendly realtors. Check it out. Dealers are encouraged to include the web address, www.OregonOilheat.com, on billing statements, door hangers and brochures.

One of the prominent features of the website is an emblem affectionately dubbed Ollie. This warm and cozy little character is available to oil heat dealers throughout the area in logo format or as a truck decal. Dealer participation to date has been exciting. There are now about 50 smiling Ollies on trucks throughout the area.

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